Partnership Opportunities

United Way Brandon & District believes in the same things as you – that every child can finish school on time, seniors are cared for, a safe home is the standard and people have access to counselling, training and mentoring.

Every year the United Way of Brandon & District offers many different opportunities for partnership. Join us today and make an investment in the community in which you live and do business! Not only will partnering an event or program help build a great city, it is an opportunity for your organization to achieve its employee engagement, community investment and branding goals.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with us or would like more information on our sponsorship opportunities please contact Areta Donnelly by phone at 204-571-8929 or by email at


At the United Way of Brandon & District we have a number of special events to help offset our operational costs to ensure that every dollar donated from our donors goes directly back into the community.

Our events are all about fun and community engagement. We feel that none of them would be possible if it weren’t for the people that call our community home. Every year we are humbled by the amount of people that attend and support our events. Whether it’s our Annual Golf Tournament, Fall or Spring Garage Sale, or our Annual Christmas Tree Auction, our community always comes together to give back to a good cause.

For more information on any of our events, please visit the individual event pages, email, or call 204-571-8929.


At the United Way of Brandon & District we operate 3 programs that we feel have a strong and profound impact on the core areas that we focus on.

Our Coats for Kids program provides over 200 children with warm winter clothing every year, our Tools for School program provides school supplies for over 1000 students in the Brandon School Division, and our Poverty Simulation takes groups of people through the experience of living in poverty to demonstrate the challenges faced by  individuals in our community every day.

We are very proud of our programs that we implement here at the United Way of Brandon & District, and feel that they are an integral part of our community.

For more information on our programs visit the individual program pages, email or call 204-571-8929.

Holiday Tree Auction


Our Holiday Tree Auction is one of the most fun events we get to put on every year. Local business bring loads of gifts, candy, decorations, food and decorate trees that get auctioned off to other businesses and all the proceeds, gifts, trees, candy and food go to families in need of Holiday Season that is filled with warmth and love. More information →

Coats For Kids


We all know how cold our Manitoban winters can get and without the proper winter clothing it can be extremely dangerous to be outside. The scary truth is that there are people right here in our community that have to face the cold unprotected. More information


Tools For School


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Day Of Caring


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