Coats for Kids

Protecting kids in Manitoba winters.


Manitoba Winter
We ensure that every child has warm clothing for those chilling Manitoba winters where cars don't start, frost bite comes quick, and safety is a must.


We all know how cold our Manitoban winters can get and without the proper winter clothing it can be extremely dangerous to be outside. The scary truth is that there are people right here in our community that have to face the cold unprotected.

Proper winter gear can be very expensive and for some it may be a deciding factor of buying a winter coat, mittens and toques or paying the rent for the month. It is a decision that no one should have to make, especially with the harsh winters we face.

Our Coats for Kids Program is a way to keep our community warm. We provide children and youth with winter coats, toques, mittens and scarves to fight the cold.

Program Outline

  • Winter Coat donation drop offs run for the month of May

  • All winter gear is dry cleaned and stored

  • A second call for coats is run during the month of September

  • Children and Youth receive a “Coats Certificate” through the Brandon School Division or Child & Family Services in September/October

  • A “Coats Store” is set up in the Town Centre in the month of October or November for 2 days

  • Children and Youth shop for a coat, mittens, toques, scarves and ski pants at the store using their “certificate” as payment for their winter gear


Note: If you missed the coats drop-off period and still have a winter coat you would like to donate, please contact our office at 204-571-8929 or email We will gladly accept your coats!

Drop Off Locations

For May 2019:
City of Brandon Fire & Emergency Services
Brandon Cleaners
Shoppers Mall
The Town Centre
Guild Insurance Brokers (Victoria Ave)
Brandon Area Realtors
Canex @ CFB Shilo

All Year:
United Way Brandon & District Head Office
201-1011 Rosser Ave.

Special Thank You to Brandon Cleaners who ensure that all of the pieces dropped off are cleaned and in perfect condition for the new owners.