Dedicated experts with A passion for positive change.


Support Team

We would not be here if it were not for the amazing volunteers and interns that help us to work towards the social change we strive to achieve each and every day. 


Megan Anderson
Hassan Ashraf

Creative Team
Kyle Burdy - The Station Design Co.

Devoted Volunteers
Kevin Martin
Tanice Taylor
Susan Cable
Barbara Bohune
Lynn Green


Ground Team

Our Senior Leadership are some of the most socially driven individuals in the city, who strive to ensure our entire team gets exactly what they need in order to attain the social goals we set out monthly as well as annually.


Cynamon Mychasiw

“Each day I am humbled and amazed at the commitment and inspiration of our volunteers who truly want to make a difference”

Janis Evens
Director of Operations

“We have seen many changes to our community over the years, one thing that has not changed, has only gotten stronger, Brandon’s generosity.”

Areta Donnelly
Campaign Director

“This year we decided to try and ‘meet the need’ in our community, It was a big challenge and I believe the effort put forth by our community was the real achievement.”


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is filled with a dynamic, diverse and driven team of individuals who are always looking out for the best interests of our community to ensure that the United Way of Brandon & District is doing everything possible to have to biggest impact throughout our community.


Campaign Team

The United Way of Brandon & District annual fall campaign is the heart of everything we do. From September to December we host events, promote employee workplace campaigns, and give back to the community around us.

The United Way of Brandon & District would not be able to run our campaign without the dedicated individuals on our Campaign Team. These individuals assist the Campaign Director by attending meetings and speaking events, and completing other campaign related duties. For more information on the campaign team please read our Campaign Team Guide

If you wish to be a part of the Campaign Team please contact Areta Donnelly at 204-571-8929 or by email


Derek Radics
Board of Directors Chair
- NetSet Communications

Sarah Peto
Board of Directors Vice Chair
- City of Brandon - Brandon Fire & Emergency Services

Darren Grills
Board of Directors Treasurer
- Bell MTS

Randy Klassen
Murray Chevrolet

Carol Grant
Prairie Mountain Health

Capt. Daniel Walton
Canadian Armed Forces CFB Shilo

Samantha Falloon

Marlene Heise
Vanguard Credit Union

Scott Preston
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Krystal Kane

Jenna MacDonald
94.7 Star FM

Walter Ajogbor

Karla Dane
Meighen Haddad LLP


2019 Campaign Chair

Kevin Bailey - born and raised in Brandon, blended family wife Sherry, kids Jordan, Nikki, Mathew and Megan, enjoy spending time with family and friends, golf and yard work. Kevin has been with Wawanesa Insurance for 32 years and is the Vice President of Wawanesa Insurance Central Region.

“As someone who was born and raised in the Brandon area, this city – and the communities around it – hold a special place in my heart.

In my 32-year career with Wawanesa Insurance, which was founded more than 120 years ago not very far from here in the village of Wawanesa, Manitoba, I’ve had the opportunity to travel across this district and connect with many people along the way.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing their stories, learning about their lives and what’s important to them. And what I can tell you with certainty is this: This is a collective community of people who are strong, who work together and who care about the people around them.

Whether they were born and raised here like me, or they moved to this area to create a better life for themselves and their families, there’s a sense of unity here that’s so inspiring, and is difficult to find outside out of the Prairies.

One of our organizational values at Wawanesa that has always resonated with me, has been our mission to give back to the communities where we work and live, and I can’t think of an organization that lives and breathes this philosophy better than the United Way.

I’ve seen first-hand the impact people can have when they come together in support of one common goal. And when this goal is to help support the United Way Brandon & District, we have the chance to create powerful, lasting change in our community.

I’m excited about having the opportunity to bring all of us together during this campaign, and do our part to help the United Way meet its goal and build a strong, healthy community for all of us.”

2019 Campaign Team


2018 Campaign Team

2018 Campaign Team

Jeffrey De Sarno  |  Co-Chair Westman Communication Group

Kevin Martin     | Co-Chair Brandstone Financial Strategies Inc.

Alison Kelland  | Integral Reality

Bob Cey | Investors Group

Cam Clark | Riding Mountain Broadcasting

Chuck Elliot | Murray Chevrolet

Joanne De Sarno | Prairie Mountain Health Authority

Tanice Taylor | Branstone Financial Strategies

Jordon Sisson | Camelot Personal Care

Lauren Hilther | Western Financial

Nate Andrews | Guild Insurance

Rob Lovatt | Keywest Photo

Terry Burgess | RBC Royal Bank

Darryl Andrews | Guild Insurance