Key Priority Areas

All That Kids Can Be

Children and youth are the future of our community.

In order for our children and youth to become independent and successful adults they need a strong healthy foundation early in life, access to literacy and development, positive school experiences all throughout and to graduate from high school. Children and youth excel when they are given opportunities to succeed. When someone is there to help them, guide them and nurture them they can begin to discover their own passions, interests and talents.

At United Way of Brandon & District we are committed to removing barriers for our youth to ensure that they have every opportunity to excel.

All that kids can be:

  • Improving access to early childhood learning and development programs

  • Helping kids do well at school and complete high school

  • Making the healthy transition into adulthood and post-secondary education

When our children and youth are taken care of, we all benefit. We are the help today for a better future tomorrow. 

From Poverty to Possibility

Poverty is a far reaching, complex issue that is no stranger to Brandon. Once an individual falls into poverty it very easily becomes a vicious cycle that ends up continuing for many generations to come.

The United Way of Brandon & District is working to provide access to immediate support for individuals and families. We invest in several programs and agencies that help individuals stabilize, avoid and move out of the poverty cycle.

From Poverty to Possibility:

  • Helping those in need take the first steps out of poverty

  • Ensuring everyone’s basic human needs are met (ex. Food, shelter and employment)

 At the United Way of Brandon & District we help people from all walks of life. We work towards providing them with employment and skills development opportunities, affordable housing and transportation, and access to food and emergency shelters.

It is important to realize we could all be one step away from living in poverty. Moving people from poverty to possibility starts when we all work together to provide resources and opportunities to our community.

Building Strong Communities

The focus of building a stronger community is working with the individuals in our community to ensure a stronger, safer place for everyone to live. The United Way of Brandon & District engages community members to improve access and availability to resources needed to revitalize our neighbourhoods.

Building Strong Communities:

  • Improving access to social and health-related support services

  • Supporting resident and community engagement

  • Supporting the integration and settlement of the community

 We are here to help provide assistance and programs for everyone in our community. We are working to provide stronger, safer communities for seniors, people with disabilities, children, aboriginal people and new immigrants.

When we feel safe and secure in our own neighbourhoods we all come together as a stronger community. 

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