Happy holidays from all of us at United Way Brandon & District

Mobilizing communities for lasting social change in the areas of poverty, KIDS, and community. 

Discover what United Way Brandon & District is all about, what we do in the community, our initiatives, our partners, our wonderful team, and above all, what the members of our community help us to accomplish each month and each year put back into the community.


Current or Upcoming Events

It’s The Holiday Tree Auction

This is our final campaign event of the year and our most rewarding, in every aspect.

Every year a group of volunteers from various businesses in the community, with their own resources, decorate a tree and provide gifts to 12 families in need in our community.  Once the trees are decorated, they are then auctioned off to the highest bidder as a donation to our campaign.  A small group of volunteers are arranged to deliver the trees to the families after the auction.

These trees are given to families in need who would otherwise not have a Holiday tree. We would not be able to help these families if it were not for everyone who supports this event in order to better our community!

The 2018 Holiday Tree Auction will be held on November 23rd at the Victoria Inn.


Everyday across Brandon, United Way volunteers make our community a better place to live.

More than 500+ volunteers choose to give back through United Way Brandon & District every year, through innovative volunteer opportunities, events and campaigns. Donating your time and talents can create a lasting change in our community – and in people’s lives.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Game Changers youth Network

Game Changers is a youth leaders network where ideas are born. We believe in the change that the community gives us the opportunity to create. We believe in it so much that we want to ensure this change lasts for generations to come. Getting involved with the network allows young, future leaders to network, create, share ideas and turn those ideas into mobilized action to help ensure that all members of society have the opportunity to thrive. We are the Game Changers. We are the future.


We are always here to help ensure that everyone has the Opportunity to thrive.

We are driven by evidence. We research to understand community needs and plan for the future. Working with universities and community partners keeps our process thorough and efficient, enabling us to put your gifts into action.

We partner with donors, social service agencies, unions, governments and universities to make our collective impact even greater. Bringing diverse voices to the table helps us build strong strategies for community change.