Current & Past Events

THe Holiday Tree Auction


This is our final campaign event of the year and our most rewarding, in every aspect.

Every year a group of volunteers from various businesses in the community, with their own resources, decorate a tree and provide gifts to 12 families in need in our community.  Once the trees are decorated, they are then auctioned off to the highest bidder as a donation to our campaign.  A small group of volunteers are arranged to deliver the trees to the families after the auction.

These trees are given to families in need who would otherwise not have a Holiday tree. We would not be able to help these families if it were not for everyone who supports this event in order to better our community!

The 2018 Holiday Tree Auction will be held on November 23rd at the Victoria Inn.


The Holiday Tree Auction -
Our Most Rewarding Event


Nothing gets families in the spirit of the Holidays more than setting up the Holiday Tree and hanging up all of our favorite decorations.  Unfortunately, however, this is not a tradition for some local families; it’s just a dream. Twenty three years ago, United Way volunteers came up with an idea to help fulfil that dream and bring the Holidays into homes across our community. 

With the help of workers from Child and Family Services we were able to identify families who were in need of a little holiday spirit.  Companies and businesses came together to decorate trees specifically for each family, and purchased special gifts to go under each tree.  At 6pm on auction night, all of the trees light up with decorations ranging from princesses and Disney babies to Tonka trucks and superheroes.

Scott Campbell from Fraser Auctions takes the floor and auctions each tree to the highest bidder, often raising upwards of $35,000 for United Way programs. Trees are then loaded into moving trucks, ready to meet their families!

Saturday morning, the small group of volunteers are ready to spread some Holiday love. One by one, trees, gifts and sometimes even food hampers are delivered to waiting families.  Little ones see, what for some, is their first ever Holiday tree and presents to go under it just for them.

Why do we do this?

For the little ones who saw a sled come in their front door and could not wait to go outside and use it.

For the little girl gently holding each pink princess decoration on her tree with a smile that extends from ear to ear.

For the boy who launched himself into the arms of a volunteer when he saw her carry in a turkey.

For the Mom who hugs our delivery volunteers so tight it feels like she may never let go.

For the volunteers who leave these homes in tears, so moved by the excitement and astonishment expressed by these families.

For the businesses and their employees to know that their chosen family will get to bring out their tree and decorations for years to come.

This is what the Holidays are all about.


The Community Fun Lunch

Presented by the Victoria Inn & Convention Centre & Expressions Entertainment 

The yearly event is open to all of our Community members to come out and have an affordable lunch. 

The Fun part is the different game that is played each year where random audience members chosen by our Emcee to be participants. We have a famous 50/50 draw where two teams race around the audience to see who can sell the most tickets in the time allotted. The winning team who has sold the most tickets has bragging rights for the year.

We have great prizes donated from local businesses for both our Silent Auction as well as our Rainbow Auction.

The Lunch part is the great spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings, salad, desert, tea or coffee, all for the low cost of $15.00 per person, we couldn’t hold  this fun filled event without the support of our community sponsors.


United Way Brandon & District
First Annual Bus Pull 


Pulling for our Community

This event is to host our annual campaign kickoff, as well as an engagement/awareness of our annual campaign.

Pulling for your community, by engaging community members from workplaces, social clubs and general public, we are coming together to show by pulling together, anything can be accomplished. Through teamwork they can pull a bus 80 ft in record time. We are inviting teams of 8 to 10 people to pull a Transit Bus in time trials against other teams. These teams will compete for a coveted Community Cup, by pulling a Transit Bus in a round robin styled event in the Keystone parking lot.

This is a Free event full of excitement, energy and fun to watch. A great opportunity to come out and show your love for your community and challenge your neighbours, competitors and colleagues to do the same.

Team registrations are from 5-6pm, our Kickoff and goal announcement starts @ 6 pm, the bus pull starts @6:30-8 pm.

The kickoff to our campaign begins with greetings from local dignitaries, our Board Chair and our Campaign chair, after the competition our annual goal will then be revealed in an eventful way!

The goal is a reflection of the funds needed for the social services in our community to continue year after year. As the requests increase every year so does our campaign goal.

The Keystone food services vendor Centreplate provided a BBQ for our teams on site.

This event would not be possible without the generous support from the Keystone Centre, City of Brandon & the transportation department, RBC volunteer team, Expressions Entertainment and Elite Safety.  It’s a first time event for us and we are very excited and looking forward to lots of fun and hopefully we can grow this event for next year and engage new community members!


Building community through love.