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United Way Brandon & District


United Way Funding

Our mission is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. We work to achieve our mission through our dual role as a year-round fundraiser and impact funder. We aim to address the immediate needs of our most vulnerable citizens today through the funding of a network of services, while also focusing on the future to address the root causes of social issues and create sustainable change.

United Way’s funding and priority framework focuses on three target areas:

  • All that kids can be

  • From poverty to possibility

  • Building strong communities

All investments made within our community must align with these target areas and be in accordance with the values, principles, research and goals of our Community Investment framework.

All funding commitments, regardless of timeframe will be subject to the review of:

  • A community organization’s performance and compliance with our funding agreement

  • The success of our community campaign; and

  • The need for the United Way to respond to an emergency situation


To be eligible to receive funding from United Way of Brandon & District your organization must:

  • Be based and provide service with the Brandon & District area

  • Operate as a federally registered charitable organization

  • Have a mission, purpose, programs or activities that align with our focus areas

  • Agree to work with United Way of Brandon & District to provide program outcome data

  • Demonstrate a willingness to support UWBD fundraising efforts

Funding Categories

Multi-year funding will be approved for 2 years, depending on program and funds availability

  • Funding is paid by monthly instalment throughout the span of the term

  • Lengthy application process

  • Year-end reports are required for each year of funding to ensure outcomes are being measured and met

 Multi Year Application Process

  • June/July – Letters of Interest for Funding are submitted to UWBD

  • September/October– Community Impact Committee reviews letters to ensure programs meet our mandate and focus areas

  • November/December – Selected applicants are invited to complete a full application for funding

  • September – Applications for funding are due

  • January – Community Impact Committee reviews applications, budgets, governance and policy documentation

  • February – Approved applicants are notified and official funding agreements are singed

  • April – Funding for program begins

*Note: Funding amounts may be approved but are subject to change pending final annual campaign totals each year.

2020 Letters of Interest for Funding Submission Deadline: September 6, 2019 4:00PM

Download Letters of Interest for Funding